Saturday, April 28, 2007

Red Baron - Tom Daniel

When I was a boy, Big Brother and I started playing with Hotwheels in 1968, the year they first came out.

As a kid, my very favorite one was the Red Baron. The car's design was created by Tom Daniel.

A couple of years ago, some new cars were issued (not by Hotwheels) showcasing the designs of Mr. Daniel. They are about twice or three times the size of a normal Hotwheel, and pretty nicely detailed.

Of course I had to get me a new Red Baron, my childhood Hotwheel version was eventually handed down to Younger Brother, who pretty much finished off any useful life of toys.

Yesterday afternoon, I tried to create a decent setup to take photographs of small items like this. I did it on our back patio, just inside the shade, so that I could get some great diffused natural light. I also played around with fill flash and took some with the flash set at -2/3 of a stop.

The top shot has fill flash whereas the second one doesn't.

I had fun and ended up with a few nice shots.


Chad Oneil said...

Love that car, man! Good shots.

John Roberts said...

I remember the Red Baron, although I was more partial to the Matchbox series of cars. Great memories!

kmm said...

Love the second shot but I would like to see the same composition on a dark background. I think the reflection of the helmet would really stand out. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

My brother had hotwheels -

Mike said...

Hey I remember those. Great shots John.

I have taken some model shots which I have staged on a white background or a light blue background. I usually use incandesant lights set up to light the background, then the front and both sides. The backdrop can be one continuous sheet of posterboard which is curved from horisontal to vertical so as not to have a seam behind your model. I use a small aperature to get the greatest depth of field. This will necessitate the use of a tripod most likely because your exposure is longer.

Hope this makes sense. Take care and have a good time setting up more model shots.

GiuCe said...

Nice shots... memories on wheels ^^

CG said...

Glad you had fun :) Great shots!

Ratzfatz said...

hahahahah ... "Der rote Baron" ... but if I am not wrong ... he had have a "Doppeldecker"?!