Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One-Third More, For Free!

I've gotten in the habit of posting two photos a day, but today I'm gonna smash your expectations and post THREE! One-Third More, For Free! (I'm such a swell guy)

During summer of 2006, I bought my first dSLR, a Nikon D70s. One week later, our church had Vacation Bible School for the kids. Being big thinkers, the pastors wanted to have a "big finale" on the last day.

A family at our church, husband, wife, and four teen boys, all are serious motorcycle riders. They had started doing jumping, and got into it so much that they, and another family of riders each had a custom ramp built. They travel around together, each pulling one ramp, and set up and put on shows for people.

They absolutely blew everyone away with their derring-doo. It's a rare sight at church to see the whole family together when no one has a cast on an arm or leg. They love what they do, though.

I took over 500 photos that day, and this being a brand new camera, I inadvertently set something wrong somewhere during the day and ended up with about 200 picutes horribly underexposed. I spent untold hours with them in Photoshop Elements trying to salvage them. That final photo up there was one of the ones I was able to resurrect with some success, that's why it's noisy.


kmm said...

Wow fantastic action shots, it must have been great fun for the children involved.

Bob-kat said...

I've seen riders doing stunt like these and they are incredible. Nice pics :)

Moi said...

wow!! at their feat and the pics..and u sure are a swell guy......u give us our visit's worth every time ..:)

Chad Oneil said...

I love that "third" image, man! Wow.

Anna said...

Wonderful shots. Very good.....you are such a BIG TIME PHOTOGRAPHER! :)

CG said...

oh dear I think we've all done stuff like that!! Glad you managed to rescue some :)