Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Front Porch, Back Porch

First photo is looking out on the front yard from our screened in front porch. It's been pleasantly cool the past week or so. Probably the last of the cool air before summers heat kicks in.

The second photo is one step out of our back door onto the patio.

Good or bad, I like to take a few pics around the house and yard from time to time. Plants grow, die, or are blown down in hurricanes, so while I was sitting there I thought it time to take a couple more because things change. I don't think I've ever taken any from the perspective of sitting on the front porch looking out at the yard. That's one of our little poodles, Angel, who jumps up on the ledge looking for lizards. She loves to chase them. You can see we have palm trees all over the front so it feels like you're sitting in a secret, shaded place.

I went and took one of our back patio and pool area since we've finally got it fairly clean and Lovely Wife has planted some flowers. To the left is actually a table with a ceiling fan and light, though it's not in the picture. When Sainted Mother visits, she pretty much lives out here on the back patio.

We bought this house in 1997 from a retired couple who had added most everything folks eventually like to add to a house. Screened in front porch. Covered back patio with small pool and a screened enclosure encasing it all.

It's a pleasure to sit on either side of the house, and is almost bug free due to the screened areas. We're blessed.


Moi said...

It rained the whole day here yesterday in's been cool lately, as u said ....tho' summer's almost knocking the door.....Angel's a cute name for a poodle :)..and the front of ur house seems so secluded and nice..........have a great day!!! :)

CG said...

Wow, these photos really evoke Florida to me! i love your pool!!!

Anonymous said...

wow i'm jealous - you have a pool!

Bob-kat said...

I'm very jealous of your pool! Your portches and yards (gardens as we call them in the UK) look like lovely spots to relax.

Thanks for dropping by my blog :-)

Ratzfatz said...

Hi John,

thank you very much for your kindly comment, it make me happy. You have too very nice fotos.
I wish, I had a ppol too!! hahaha
Take care ...!

Anna said...

Blessed you are my friend!

My family is vacationing in Florida right now and I am so jealous! Great looks so warm there!


Mike said...

How great that you did a porch too! Well you know the old saying great minds think alike.

Wow it sure looks nice there right now!

JAM said...

Thanks everyone. It was out and out HOT here today. The first day this year it was the kind of hot that made me appreciate walking indoors into air conditioning.

kmm said...

Its nice to see some personal shots, sort of adds to the overall picture of jam

Kate said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. YOur pool looks inviting, and you are indeed blessed. Looks like a great environment!

Corey Bienert said...

the weather looks beautiful there.

that is such a cool looking pool.

in our backyard we have an inflatable pool thats roughly the size of our trampoline. it keeps us entertained for the majority of the summer.

Meg in Nelson said...

I'll take the pooch, John!