Friday, April 6, 2007

A Great Place To Watch Sunsets

Living on the east coast of Florida, we can see some amazing sunrises.

Only problem is, I'm not much for getting up before dawn. Sunsets are more my speed.

To see good ones, Lovely Wife and I head across the Melbourne Causeway to Melbourne Beach, Florida. The two pictures above were taken at Rykman Park in Melbourne Beach. From this location we can watch the sunset over the Indian River Lagoon, our section of the intracostal waterway.

These two shots were taken late June 2006, the day after I bought my Nikon D70s. Wanted to break it in on a nice sunset. God supplied a really nice one.

The two photos were taken about 50 yards apart, each standing on one side or the other of the pier. That's the same pier in both photos. The first one was while the sun was still up, and I tried to approximate the Orton process in Photoshop Elements, and the second one is just a straight shot of the pastel colors after the sun had gone down. Someone was kind enough to mosey by in a sailboat for that second photo.


Moi said...

love both the pics, john!!! i love taking sunset shots too....somehow, sunsets have never disappointed moi!!! Nature's palette seems to be at its colorful best during the sunset ..and being close to ocean while sun is setting is a privilege :)I hope to go to Melbourne sometime during the summer vacations!!!

Chad Oneil said...

Great sunsets.

bluemountainmama said...

beautiful.... my grandmother lived in vero beach and we used to visit her a lot. i remember sitting with her on her sunporch many an evening and watching the beautiful sunsets.......

MariesImages said...

These are both beautiful sunsets, but you do miss out on wonderful early morning shots...but then, so do I...Ü
I'm more of a mid-morning, early afternoon person. I drive for a living in the very early morning hurs & see some beautiful scenes, but do not have the time to stop & shoot.

kmm said...

Lovely shots. The pier looks great, it is so long. I'm a morning person and often when I was in Europe I would be wandering around while it was still dark and thinking "should I be doing this". Purely thinking of the safety aspect. But I have some nice photos taken in the early morning light and no harm came to me.