Sunday, April 29, 2007

An Angel

The company I work for has us on a 9/80 schedule; we work nine hours per day, and have our 80 hours for two weeks in nine days. So, we get every other Friday off.

I slept late on Friday, and got up, hobbling around with my screwy back, and sat in my chair on my heating pad. I got all comfy, and all the dogs draped all over me, cranked up the TV and started looking for one of my Science Channel shows. And was letting the heating pad heat up.

I looked on top of the TV and Lovely Wife had put one of her Mother's porcelain angels up there. We have two skylights in our living room and one of them happened to have the sunlight streaming down on this angel. It looked beautiful in that light.

I tried to ignore it. And I was successful at this for about three minutes.

I apologized to the dogs, but made them get down. I slowly climbed out of my chair, went and got out my camera, and stepped back and forth around the angel in that lovely light taking pics of it.

When I was satisfied, I put the camera down, got situated back on my heating pad and with the critters all over me, and resumed my TV watching.

I got engrossed in a program on the nature of light, strangely enough, and an hour later, I glanced up at the angel, and the sunlight had moved on.

Just looked like a little angel statue at that point.

I'm glad I got my sorry back out of the chair, because I really like some of the angel shots I took.


lv2scpbk said...

Angels are beautiful.

Moi said...

beautiful and very serene ....:)

Moi said...

hope ur back does well soon....

Joel Reynolds said...

Nice images - great soft feel to them.


Mike said...

Wonderful images. You did the right thing getting up and taking those shots. Made a great story as well. Take care John, hope the back gets better and by the way that is the first time I have ever heard of that work schedule.

CG said...

Am glad you made the effort...these are lovely. Carpe diem!

John Roberts said...

Very nice macro work and interesting lighting!