Monday, April 9, 2007

Did You Know That Birds Stretch?

All three photos:
Nikon D70s; 1/500sec; f5.6; Nikon 55-200mm lens at 200mm.

Great Blue Heron. He was hunting, and stopped to stretch.

Photos taken at Castaways Point Park, Palm Bay, Florida. On the mainland bank of the Indian River Lagoon.


Anna said...

Kinda like yoga? :)

I like these shots!

Moi said...

lol @ Anna's comment!!!
Birds can require such patience to be captured.....actually not just birds, any wildlife.....and u have done a brilliant job of it!!! :)
thanx for explaining how u shot that image of ur younger brother.

JAM said...

You're welcome. I love to see our dogs and cat stretch, why not birds? But until I saw this, and was lucky enough to have my camera pointed at him, I'd never considered that birds stretch too. I myself enjoy a good stretch now and then.

Anna, good call, it does look like some sort of yoga contortion.

Mike said...

Great series of shots. Interesting observation. I wonder if I would have picked it up in time to get the shot.

kmm said...

Great photos. I had realized they do stretch as, I have some pics of pelicans stretching and just like us it was early morning as they woke up.