Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pink And Yellow Sunset

These two photos are a couple of my 35mm slide scans from 1983.

The first photo was taken over an across the street neighbor's roof, from the front yard where my then fiance (now wife of 22 years) and her family lived. I cropped this one slightly, because in the original slide, you can see the top of the neighbor's roof, and I cut that out.

Lest you think those colors are unreal or a photoshop trick, I put up the second photo, taken on a different evening in a different location. It has almost the same colors. Same city, Monroe, Louisiana, but the second one is looking over the Ouachita River (pronounced WASH-it-aw), about 6 miles from where the first photo was taken.

Belive me, I'm not that good with photoshop, and I use Photoshop Elements anyway.

On my writing blog today I posted a story of my year as a high school yearbook photographer, along with three photos from that time in my life, if you care to see them and read the story. It's a post that would have fit in well on this blog too.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Jam, those are fantastic photos, I just love a good sunset or a sunrise.
I take them every chance i get. THat would make a beautiful calendar photo, have you ever thought about doing calendars, There is a lady i met on line that does calendars and has her own website and takes orders. Just a thought
By the way thanks for stopping by my blog

CG said...

Incredible colours in the sky.

Ratzfatz said...

Ok the colours are quiete strange ... but are great! I love the secound one, the Ouachita, it is my favorite.

Btw. I use PSE too ... hahahah, not very good but I use! :-)

Bob-kat said...

I just love sunsets! Fantastic shots. the colours are extraordinary!

Must add you to my blogroll.

John Roberts said...

You got some really wild colors on both of these. Usually, when I see rare sunsets like this, I'm without my camera. Nice work!

Anna said...

Great photos....so pretty. The colors are breathtaking. The last post is my favorite so far...Haevy Metal. Those stopped me in my blogging tracks! :)