Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wellness Center

I took these on a photo safari one day in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

This shape of building is a bit out of place here now, what with everyone being so determined these days to build a Mediterranean style house in Florida these days, but it isn't out of range of lots of old buildings here.

The older buildings and homes in Florida are mostly wood frame structures, and this one looks to be really old.

It's in need of a paint job pretty badly, but I'm glad to see this old house given new life as a business, because it sits in a section of this area that has become ultra-prime real estate.

There can be a perfectly nice but old 2 or 3 bedroom home in Melbourne Beach, but the house's value vs the value of the dirt it sits on is negligible, so many folks with the money who want to by-golly live in walking distance to the ocean will buy the house and lot, tear down the old house, and build a two or three story Mediterranean style on the lot.

Consequently, when driving in the area to see how the rich folks live, you might see an older couple lovingly tending the yard of their old, 1100 square foot house, and next door is a brand spankin' new juggernaut of a home. It's starting to look really weird over there.


I liked this old place, warts and all, and that gorgeous, massive mimosa tree out in front of it there.

I used the Orton process, or my digital approximation of it, on that second photo of the Melbourne Beach Wellness Center.

Too bad they were closed by the time I was over there, my aching back could have used a rub. Though I'm not exactly sure what exactly does go on at a wellness center.

I've been spending most of my spare time working on the photos from the wedding that I shot this past Saturday.

I hope to be getting around to everyone's blogs, photos, and leaving comments as I'm able to steal time here and there in the next few days.


CG said...

I love these old houses. They have so much more character and individuality. I hope your back feels better!

lv2scpbk said...

I love the stone walkway or parking area.