Thursday, September 13, 2007

Real Florida #6

There are all manner of little air plants like this one in trees down here. I like them; they have lots of character and in my opinion go a long way to making your average pine tree look a more snazzy.

I'm sure that second photo just takes your breath away. It's not every day you see such a grand, sweeping view of saw palmetto plants.

Interesting note: the retired man that lives directly behind us goes out every year with his brother for a couple of weeks and they pick saw palmetto seeds. They kinda look like a small, hard concord grape. Saw palmetto is believed to help men's prostate issues.

It's one of those things that's never been scientifically proven, but he and his brother make a lot of extra cash from their efforts. I guess there's a big market for homeopathic/herbal remedies and they take advantage of this to supplement their retirement incomes.


Moi said...

back at home we call them quacks !!!

JAM said...

Moi, I hear you. I have engineer friends that are brilliant engineers and also take fist fulls of herbal remedies and whatnot every day.

I'm not knocking it really, but with nothing to back it up, it seems like an expensive gamble.

I would like to look into herbal supplements more someday, but I haven't arrived there yet.

I just know that, when my back hurts like it has the last few days, I can take a lortab and get relief. If I knew of an herbal pain reliever that worked like that I'd sure try it. I've never heard of one though.

CG said...

Oh, I love those air plants. Very interesting. Some herbal remedies can be good...I'm taking aloe vera right now for my IBS!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi John,
I have no (bloody) idea WHY the CS-3 is so idiote & terrible expensive!!! I have it as a proof (30days)downloaded from Adobe website, for 30 days I can try-ouit how its workin, but as you could see the 1Th Try (floormat)gave not a good result (blurry) I keep trying, let you know ... or write it down at my blog... so you can follow it.:)

YOUR PHOTO"S ARE BRILLIANT!!!!Yes really I mean that, I call them breathtakers so good man!

Only the 'prostate-part'I really have no idea cause I am a woman in case you did not noticed hahaha:)
But its for sure good to know that the Saw Palmetto helps, right? I will inform my hus about it...

JOAnn :)

isabella said...

I never get tired of seeing the Epiphites (air plants) around my community - so many varieties, including orchids!

I am sceptical about most homeopathic remedies, but I do believe in some of Airborne - whenever I feel a cold coming on, 1-2 tablets and I am fine. Hadn't had a full blown cold or flu in years! Life-threatening deseases and operations - yes, but no colds ;-)

Ben said...

The first one is excellent, John.

To answer your comment on my picture of Nikon Gear:
Yes, F4 is heavy tank. But! You will be surprised how well fit to hand and steady on the slow shutter.

Yes, I have read about D3 and D300. It will be grate cameras when it's release in November. It is promising and good result from changing CCD to CMOS based technology.

Annie said...

Real Florida has a lot of interest and beauty, Jam, and older men too, I guess.