Saturday, September 15, 2007

To the Bat Cave, Robin! er, Bat Box! er, Whatever That Is.

I'm tired of naming my posts Real Florida #whatever, though that's still what I'm trying to show you.

They had this box mounted on a tree, and it has a bat painted on it. I don't know if it's a bat feeder or a place or bats to hang out, or what. (Get it? Bats hang out... Ha Ha. Oh well. That's about as high level as my sense of humor has been operating lately.) It was interesting, and there weren't any people at this park for me to ask. Not even other visitors. I had the entire park to myself, which was nice, but I'm not above asking total strangers what that strange box could be for. I'm not normally a person that would speak to strangers, but when my curiosity is up I sure would. But there weren't even any total strangers there for me to ask. No workers at the park either, so I'll just have to imagine it being a hang out or something.

In that second photo, I just liked the way the sunlight looked through what passes for forest in this part of Florida. It was sure hot that day, and I zig-zagged as I could on the boardwalk to try to be in the shade.

It's still really hot here. The sun's definitely at a different angle and it feels like fall in my mind because of this, but the heat and humidity still are screaming SUMMER! Yeah, I know. It's technically summer, but you know what I mean. You look outside and want to go out there and do something and you almost die of heat stroke from the door of the house to the door of the car.

I'm looking forward to late October and November when we finally get a break from the worst of the heat and also that hurricane season ends with November's end.


John Roberts said...

It's a bat box for them to roost in during the day. I've seen them for sale in magazines. Evidently, bats are good to have around because of the amount of insects they eat every night. From my experience in Florida, that's a good thing!

CG said...

LOL I was wondering if we would get to Real florida 100! great pics as usual, John, I really love seeing Florida through your eyes!

Anonymous said...

wow you're really quite lucky to be living in such a fantastic and diverse ecosystem.

Moi said...

lol @ bats hanging out.....u may call it a bad joke...but i more often than not leave your blog chuckling :)

and i know how killing the heat can get here.....i too am waiting for late oct and nov...i call that "convertible weather".....and i love it when cold fronts hit Florida :)

thankfully yesterday and today we had a little bout of shower here .......and i can see some of the trees changing colors, very gently, Fall is moving in ......tho' temp. refuse to change!!!!