Monday, September 24, 2007

Flying Man

This one doesn't really need any comment, does it?

I took this recently over the beach where I was taking the panoramic photos.

I heard the engine and looked up and there this guy was, flying north above the beach, about 200ft/61m above the surf.

It's one of those rare times I wished I could be doing what that guy was doing.

I had the camera on a tripod, shooting the panorama at 1/80 of a second. When I looked up and saw him, I snatched the camera off the tripod (hooray for quick release gizmos) and took three shots.

The slow shutter speed was fine on the tripod, but the pilot's a tad blurry in these photos.


CG said...

WOW! How exciting is this? your photos really capture the moment and the exhileration.

Thanks so much for visiting my website and your lovely comment!

Moi said...

i wanna be doing that too!!!!1 it must be great floating in the air like that....with blue waters below

photowannabe said...

I haven't seen a hang glider with this type of moter behind him. Glad you captured the event.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

No John it needs NO COMMENT , its fantastic and very exiting too, when do you go??? (just kidding)I won't do this ever, no way, would you go??? Be honest ,would you?

You make me BLUSH by saying that you saw THE BEST photo ever from the eiffeltower, Are you kidding me? Ha! well if you are , its sweet anyway, I do my best for blog to make good shots , photography is really my BIGGEST passion.

Thanks anyway JoAnn :)

lv2scpbk said...

That looks like fun. Great capture.

Do you like live cams? Elephants at Pete's Pond in Africa right now. I even found a hummingbird live cam. Just go to my personal blog and click on the link I posted

Mike said...

Nice capture John. I would like to try that at least once before I get too old! I think I would prefer the more normal style of ultralight or a hang glider though.

Chad Oneil said...

Yeah, that does look fun.

I have a "quick release" thing on my tripod as well. It's simple yet such a great feature!

Daniel J Santos said...

for me is too radical, great photos.

John Roberts said...

It looks like fun, but I could never do it!

Blue Wave 707 said...

Shots from that guys perspective would be rather interesting too.