Saturday, September 8, 2007

Real Florida #1

This week I went to walk in a park near where I work.

We all know of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico's nice beaches and tropical look. You've probably seen photos of nice homes with lush grass, flowers, and palm trees. If you have been to a Disney hotel in Orlando, then you've seen the lush landscaping that makes the area look like a tropical paradise.

Most of the lushness is due to watering and landscaping. Florida is really scruffy looking on it's own, without man's intervention.

The park I went to, Erna Nixon Park in Melbourne, Florida is typical in that it simply tries to preserve, inform, and showcase Florida's natural plants.

I ended up with quite a few interesting photos, and since it's been a while since I've had new photos to show here, you'll probably be getting these for a while.

The first photo was taken after stepping out of the Camry and closing the door. The sky looked amazing, framed by the tree limbs above me and the trees across the parking lot.

The second photo is just a zoom on the spiffy clouds.

The final photo is the park's sign. Notice the red "Fire Danger High" sign attached to the left of the main sign. Though we've had decent rain this year, Florida is pretty much totally made up of things that NEED to burn and will burn easily. Many of the plants down here don't drop their seeds until they are scorched by the heat of a fire.

They do lots of controlled burns down here in the forests, but not the city parks like this one so they are always careful of fire.

Man, let me tell you, it was hot! We have to keep the labs at work pretty cold with all the computers and electronics running, so I was glad to get back into the cold air even though I had a really fun time photographing stuff on my walk.

If you feel like reading for a couple of minutes, I wrote about a dream of mine coming true on my other blog today.


Moi said...

true..the heat is killing here,..even as we move into Fall, temperatures continue to be high...but those skies!!! those skies are to die for :)

John Roberts said...

Having driven through the interior of Florida many times, away from the beaches it looks a lot like any other southern state. It's funny how we sometimes get our perceptions of places from postcards.

CG said...

These cloud formations are wonderful - I feel very peaceful looking at them!

Chad Oneil said...

Wow, those are some nice clouds!

Ben said...

The second one, close-up to cloud is good. It fills the frame with all those dynamic powerful formation.