Friday, September 7, 2007

The Hobbit

"This'll puzzle the nasty little underground creature," Bilbo thought:
An eye in a blue face
Saw an eye in a green face,
'That eye is like to this eye'
Said the first eye,
'But in a low place,
Not in a high place.'

'Ss, ss, ss,' said Gollum. He had been underground a long, long time, and was forgetting this sort of thing. But just as Bilbo was beginning to hope that the wretch would not be able to answer, Gollum brought up memories of ages and ages and ages before, when he lived with this grandmother in a hole in a bank by a river, 'Sss, sss, my preciouss,' he said. 'Sun on the daisies it means, it does.'

I have been rereading The Hobbit, and this particular riddle in that passage where Bilbo Baggins and Gollum have a riddle contest reminded me of this photo.

One of my Kodachrome 35mm slide scans from the early 1980s.

At least I think these are daisies. What I know about flower names and plant names wouldn't fill a thimble.

At any rate, I thought of this photo.


JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi John,
It looks like they are daisies to me also..... Long time ago you made them but they still exsist's.

I also red about your 2TH longer toe, ( post of "funny shoes') how strange, you MUST be an artistic person (thats what they say here about having a longer toe") Right? Right!

Have a great weekend :) (flu-free hatsjoo) JoAnn

Moi said...

they are daisies, I am sure..they happen to be some of my fav. flowers :)

CG said...

Look like daisies to me too! I love "The Hobbit"

Annie said...

There's magic in your post today, J. And I am always moved by magic.