Friday, September 28, 2007

New Life for a Dead Tree

When we first moved to Florida and found this park over on the barrier island, this tree was a truly MASSIVE old oak that had huge old limbs sagging near the ground.

Numbers One and Two Daughters would climb in it, and even Lovely Wife on occasion.

Alas, seven years or so ago lightning struck the tree, burning and killing it.

The city of Melbourne Beach, where this park is, had an artist carve these dolphins into the tree as if they were coming up out of the water.

If the tree had to die, at least it now serves as a nice piece of art.

I've been working to try to approximate the Orton process a little better than my previous attempts at it.

While I've done well enough in the past to make photos that please me, they never had that "glow" that using the Orton process on a few frames of slide film does.

I think I finally nailed it with these.

This was exactly the look I was hoping for in all my past attempts.

Now I can use it on each and every photo for the next few months until I drive y'all crazy and y'all beg me to stop.

I'm just kidding. I know y'all won't beg me to stop, you'll just stop coming.


Daniel J Santos said...

What a good idea transform the tree in another thing.
good photos.

Moi said...

a dead tree transformed into a piece of art is welcome over a no tree!!!! i think the artist did a great job with the dolphins and u with the pics :)

photowannabe said...

Fantastic reconstruction and transformation.
Nice process too.

CG said...

Nice idea with the tree and your photros certainly have that glow!!

lv2scpbk said...

I'm glad they made good use out of that old tree. The dolphins are great.