Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Real Florida #4

OK. I know these two photos are about as exciting as a bucket of warm spit, but this is as Florida as Florida gets.

Before Mr. Flagler, his bulldozers, and trains came to Florida a hundred years ago, this was what Florida looked like excepting rivers and lakes.

Every place in Florida that doesn't look something like these two photos once did look something like these two photos.

Ol' Juan Ponce de León wasn't looking for the pine tree of youth, he was looking for the fountain of youth. If you're looking for fountains (springs), your best bet is in boat traveling on rivers looking for their sources.

Lord knows that there were way too many pine trees to taste test had he been looking for the pine tree of youth. Plus, look at all of that saw palmetto that his men would have had to hack their way through to get to the pine trees.

One day when I think of it, I'll take a couple of pictures of the "vacant" lot across the street from out home. It's much like these photos, only thicker and harder to penetrate.

Sorry to bust y'all's bubble, but even Cinderella's Castle at The Magic Kingdom sits on land that once looked like this.


CG said...

LOL, bucket of warm spit...great description! when we stayed in Florida I always felt as if the natural vegetation was doing its best to fight back!

Moi said...

Florida Tourism Department will sue you John for bursting the bubble !!! lol!!!my pet peeve is i don't get to see wildflowers like you do in temperate climes!!!! boy, do i like complaining!!!