Sunday, November 18, 2007

Revisiting Earlier Photographs, #1

Last year when I first bought my D70s, Lovely Wife and I headed out to try to catch a sweet sunset.

God was merciful.

But I had no idea how unforgiving both the highlights and shadows were on digital sensors as compared to film.

Even slide film is more forgiving. With a digital sensor, highlights especially are completely lost once the sensor's photosite is "full."

And I wasn't very knowledgeable with Photoshop Elements yet, knowing just the basics.

The ensuing thousands of photos that I've adjusted, repaired, and manipulated in Elements in the past year+ have given me the confidence to return to some of these early digital slr photos of mine and take another shot at making them better.

Thankfully I started shooting RAW after screwing up the exposure of a whole bunch of photographs. That and the lessons learned in improving photos using Elements have allowed me to finally take a decent photo and make it into one I like a whole lot better now.

Like this sunset. The original had the sky around the sun totally blown out.

The main part of the "fix," after working with it in RAW format first, was using a neutral density gradient filter from the mid-point of the photo, skyward.

I posted my usual Sunday picture post over on my other blog if y'all want to go over there and see them.

Have a great Sunday!


imac said...

WOW, that certainly is a sunset John.

I did try raw but got myself in a mess. lol.

If you like anticipation then

pop over to see the buildup of the spectacular

Kerri said...

Wow John! This is a beautiful shot! I love sunsets....especially ones over the water. Great job!

Moi said...

i love the way water is illuminated here !

Daniel J Santos said...

Fantastic photo.

CG said...

That's beautiful. I started shooting RAW when I got my DSLR and have never used anything else since.