Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Day of Hurricane Season

While nature has absolutely no obligation to obey man's calendars and semi-arbitrary dates, I can breathe a bit easier until next June 1 when the next hurricane season begins.

Then this background worry of ours (Will we get another direct hit this year like the Jeanne and Frances of 2004?) starts all over again.

Here's to sunny, warm, and worry-free fall and winter days in Florida.


Kerri said...

Looks so pretty and peaceful! Hope the 'canes stay away for a long time!!! But it's tourist season now, right??

John Roberts said...

Thank God the prognosticators were wrong, and it was a quiet season. We always worry about my Mom who still lives in the New Orleans area.

JAM said...

Kerri, fortunately, the Palm Bay/Melbourne area of east central Florida isn't a tourist haven like Tampa, which is almost exactly straight across the state from where we are.

Our beaches aren't quite as pretty as the Gulf of Mexico beaches, and this area's biggest industries are technical, probably a result of the Kennedy Space Center having been here for about 50 years.

The result is that this area gets a whole lot of "snow birds", but not a whole lot of tourists, so there's no real noticeable difference in the population during the winter months. I like it, things stay almost the same year 'round.

John, I'm glad it was a quiet season too. I guess that after George Bush caused Katrina, he decided to lighten up on the hurricanes for a while, which is cool with me. I'm sure being so far from your Mom doesn't help either; it's hard to help from 500 miles away if something does head her way. I'm thankful that my Louisiana family all live in the Monroe and Shreveport areas, well away from the Gulf.

Daniel J Santos said...

Beautiful image.

imac said...

And we might have snow, they say rain tinight too.

Lovely place you live in,but ooo those winds.

photowannabe said...

Here here to that too. No Hurricans and peace and calm.
love the clouds and composition of this shot.

CG said...

I'm so glad you got through hurricane season ok!