Saturday, June 16, 2007

Friday's Sunset At Both Ends Of My Nikon's Zoom

Yesterday evening, Lovely Wife and I picked up the Ford Taurus we own from having the air conditioner repaired. Last year, there was an incident of I-95 on the way to work one morning that resulted in a trailer's aluminum fender skewering the front of the car at 70mph.

We knew it would cost a good bit to have fixed, so I've mostly just driven it to and from work, sans air conditioning.

To celebrate the Taurus's ice cold air, we went for a drive to a park we like that is on the Indian River Lagoon.

As the sun went down, I took these two photos at either end of the zoom range of my 18-200mm Nikon zoom. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS LENS!

I even remembered to stop down to a tiny f-stop to prevent the sun from blooming. It's nice and round like it should be.


Anna said...

Beautiful sunset pics...lovely colors.

John Roberts said...

I've read good things about that lens. It seems like it would be very versatile, allowing you to keep one lens on the camera for almost everything. Being able to change lenses on a SLR is both a blessing and a curse sometimes.

kmm said...

terrific pics. my 80-200 lens is my most versatile. I have a 300 but rarely use it. my most used lens at home would be my macro.
Been studying for an exam so have been a bit slow in visiting in past couple of weeks.

lv2scpbk said...

Nice photos. I really like the posts yesterday of the bridge and that old house. Wonderful.

Today I posted the Auction Barn.

Chad Oneil said...

The second one is my favorite.
I think it would look even better if you straitened the horizon line. Photoshop has guide lines to assist in this. I know you have elements, which has a grid pattern you can turn on to guide you.

Just a suggestion.

JAM said...

Thanks all. I know that from a technical standpoint, there are always compromises in an "all in one" lens of this type, but Nikon really hit the ball out of the park with this one. The range, and the anti shake function make it the perfect carry around lens. When I'm out with my wife, I just take the camera with that one lens and nothing else.

I would love nothing more than to have the money, time, and energy to carry a couple of camera bodies and a select set of prime lenses with me. I not only like photographs, I like the mechanics of doing photography. I'm still a big guy and have always made an excellent pack mule, but having had four back surgeries, the one camera body and do-it-all lens has won me over.

Chad, I see what you mean, and I have straightened many photos as you suggest, but in this one, the edge of the water at the right of the frame was much, much closer to me than the water at the left edge of the frame. In this one at least, the slanting water line is accurate.

Ben said...

Nice photo, John.
Have you used tripod or hand-held with VR? I'm thinking to get standard zoom in next 3 month but so far looking Tamron/Sigma 17/18-50 f2.8 or may be 17-70 sigma, for my walk-about lens.
Enjoy your 18-200, If I've got money and shop had a stock, I might be get that one instead. ;-)

Charley Pitchford said...

Great Photos....very peaceful. I picked up our car yesterday as well. It had not ben "breathing well"! The serviceman told me a "small rodent" had chewed one of the spark plug wires. After replacing all the plugs and wires our car is doing much better :-)

photowannabe said...

Amazing how one lens can make the same shot look so different. Nice job and glad your car is healthy again.

Mike said...

Nice picture John, I have been trying to find this lens at our local camera shop but I guess they are hard to get. It looks like it does a really good job and would be quite useful.

Hammer said...

It's amzing that a lense could give two differnt shots like that.

Very cool!

CG said...

Nikon rules ok!!!