Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shots On Sunday

I don't drink al-kee-hol, so I'll give y'all a different kind of shots.

Here's a couple more from the Space Shuttle Atlantis liftoff this past Friday evening.

This first shot was the plume of smoke from all the lifting engines to get the shuttle into orbit, taken after Atlantis was out of sight.

As I worked on the above photo, I realized there was a speck on the lower left side of it, so I enlarged to see if it was a plane. It was a sea gull. Cool. This is an enlarged section of the above photo.

In this final shot, I widened the zoom to 18mm (27mm in 35mm film thinking), and when you enlarge it, look in the center of the photograph, low in the sky above the island, you can see the light of Atlantis's engines.

Have a great Sunday, folks.


Ben said...

This is cool, JAM. Of course, the yesterday's one too.

Mike said...

Wow you are one lucky duck! Old expression I guess.

These pictures are great.

Moi said...

i think i prefer these shots over the alcoholic ones :DDDD
great work....have a great sunday or whatever is left of it :)

Anna said...

I am so jealous (in a good way) that you saw that! SO COOL. I like these shots a lot.


Have a good Monday.

photowannabe said...

Really cool. Great shots and I love the smoke plume picture.
Wish I was there.

Bob-kat said...

How cool! That must have been a fantastic sight! Love the smoke shot :)

John Roberts said...

I saw a full-size model of the shuttle, with it's fuel tank and boosters, in Huntsville, AL. It's huge, but your second photo points out how tiny it is compared to our earth, and to the vastness of space.