Friday, June 15, 2007

Black And White #7

These are a couple of scans of black and white film from a photography course I took in college in the early eighties.

Lovley Wife (Lovely Fiance back then) went along with me as I scurried around Monroe and West Monroe, Louisiana looking for things to photograph.

This first photo was taken in West Monroe on the banks of the Ouachita River. There was this little house or building, that was all decrepit and overgrown. Old buildings such as this are always intriguing to me. It was once a new house or business or something that I'm sure the original owner was excited about and proud of. Click on it to enlarge and tell me what you see in the photo, OK?

This is a wider shot of the same building with the Ouachita River and a bridge in the background, from the same roll of film. (Tri-X)


Ratzfatz said...

Hi John,
Nice fotos! I realy love this kind of fotos .... Great shot!

Chad Oneil said...

I SEE A FACE in that first one, what the heck?

Is it my imagination?

Is it a Manican?

Is it "paranormal"?

Please explain.

Mike said...

Ohhhh that first one is creepy. I see the face too!

I love the second one. I love old bridges especially RR bridges.

Nice shots John thanks for scanning your old projects.

Anna said...

I love black and white images! :) And I like windows and bridges! Two for two on these John! Great!

Piika said...

I always think that b/w look slightly creepy.... but it's a good thing.

JAM said...

Thanks everyone.

That is a face in the first shot. And that face was my then Lovely Fiance, now Lovely Wife of 22 years who courageously stepped into the old shack and looked out the window for me. I thought it would look spooky to have a dim face in the overgrown window.

The original print I did for my photography class, I held a piece of lens cleaning paper between the enlarger and the 5x7 sheet of paper to create a kind of blurry, spooky feel and it turned out similar to this one. This one was a scan of the old 35mm negative, and I used Photoshop Elements to fake the Orton process, one clear image sandwiched with one with the gaussian blur done on it. I actually like this one better, I was able to control the darkness better than I was years ago in class/darkroom.

isabella said...

That first photo scared me! (apologies to the Lovely Wife!)

The second one is very cool!

Chad Oneil said...

Even though it looked like a ghost or manican, I could tell the face was youthful and feminine.