Friday, May 18, 2007

Zorki-4 Photos #6

Last two, I promise. I know I've bored you, but I'm really pumped about how nice this little camera is.

I've ordered some tools and some camera repair books, and hope to use this all-manual Zorki as a ginea pig to learn to CLA (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust) cameras. I have an all-manual Canon FT-QL that needs new foam and to be CLAed, and I want to work on it too.

I already learned how to do basic maintenance, adjustments, and repairs on my guitars, so I'm not afraid to take things apart. In fact, as an engineer, I can tell you that's probably the first sign your kid might become an engineer; would he/she rather take toys apart to see how they work than to play with them?


Bob-kat said...

I've just been reading back through your last few Zorki posts. It really does take nice pics :) I particualrly love the one of the leaves and the black and white ones. Very nice.

kmm said...

Well it turned into a good buy, nice pics with it.

Moi said...

My dad, a dental surgeon says that I used to play around with his dental tools as a kid whenever i cud stealthily lay my hands upon them.....He took it as an omen that i would follow him to become a doctor myself...Only it turned out that I'm an engineer today!!! :D

Mike said...

I for one have enjoyed the Zorki shots and it sounds like you have good plans for it. I think it takes some great pictures and it was a good find.

Thanks for sharing about it.

Annie said...

What a lovely part of the world you see every day.

So that's how I can spot an incipient engineer, huh? I should have known. A young woman that I used to spend lots of time with used to take all kinds of things apart and then put them back together. And, guess what, she's now an engineer.