Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Snowy Egret?

I think that this is a snowy egret, photos taken at Ballard Park, in Melbourne, Florida. I'm pretty ignorant of the names of birds and flowers and such, but the pictures I've seen that look most like this guy are snowy egrets, so I'm going with that.

These are two pics of the same bird just a minute or two apart.

Kinda reminds me of me in the mornings. I get up and my hair is pointing in every direction and after a shower and combing, I'm all aerodynamic and ready to go.

My legs aren't that cool shade of green though. He's got me beat there.

(Update: Sorry, I had comments turned off. Blogger's new automatic save feature for the edit window will turn off the comments. It's happened to me a couple of times in the last couple of weeks, and to others that I know too.)


lv2scpbk said...

Those birds look lovely. I've noticed several blogs where I couldn't comment because of that.

John Roberts said...

I like the bottom shot best. I like how you caught him in mid-stride. I used to see these a lot in Louisiana.

Mike said...

Hi John, I am trying to catch up on my blog comments. Love your egret pictures and I really like the store shots you have posted. I really like that truck toward the bottom.

Can't wait to see those train pictures!

photowannabe said...

Nice snowy Egret shots. Glad your legs aren't green...thanks for the tip on the comments. I found I couldn't leave them on some too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that's not a Snowy Egret. Snow Egrets have black legs and yellow feet, and black beaks as well. Even when they're young, their legs are mostly black. It's some sort of Egret no doubt, though I couldn't say which kind.