Monday, May 14, 2007

Zorki-4 Photos #2

Two more shots taken last week with my "new" 1967 Zorki-4 rangefinder.

Both were taken during my lunch period on last Thursday at Ballard Park in Melbourne, Florida.

I was tagged for a meme by CG.
1.What do you want to accomplish with your blog? This blog, I just wanted to put up and show some of the thousands of slides and digital images I've taken over the years and to join the community of photography bloggers. I've looked at and admired folk's blogs for a long time, and decided to start one myself and to join in. I love how this community is supportive of one another and I wanted to be part of that. Outside of my family, and the writing blog I started last year, I've never shown my photography to anyone else.

2. Are you a spiritual person? Yep. I became a Christian just before entering my teens and it's the foundation of my life and the thing I lean most upon during life's storms.

3. If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you want to have with you? It's too easy to say a satellite phone and a flare gun I guess, so I'd say flints to start fires and a good hunting knife and a rifle. If possible, I'd like some music, a cd player or ipod that would never need batteries. I love the movie Cast Away, so maybe a volleyball to keep me company too.

4. What’s your favourite childhood memory? Just one? I'd probably have to say, Christmas of 1970. I was seven and received THE great bicycle of my childhood. I wrote a post about it on my other blog a while back.

5. Is this your first meme?Yeah, I guess it is. I got one of the ubiquitous "Thinking Blogger" things a few weeks ago, but I don't guess that's a real meme, it doesn't require me to reveal certain information. So I would say this is my first.

Being a person who never passes on chain letters and emails, I won't tag anyone specifically with this.

However, if you would like to do this meme yourself, consider yourself tagged, copy and paste the questions and let us know more about you.


CG said...

Great photos and thanks for doing the meme; it was good to know more about you

Moi said...

enjoyed reading more abt you, John...

Charley Pitchford said...

First, what is a "meme"? And, second....I'm answering your question here just in case you don't get back to my blog to read the answer :-) You asked about the ship docked in Dubrovnik. I'm not sure whether it is the recreated Nina or not. I never saw any kind of advertisement for it. It is very possible that it could be. I just thought it looked cool sitting there in the boating dock! Sorry it's taken me so long to answer your question.

Mike said...

John the Zorki produces some impressive shots. I like the colors your are getting with it.

Enjoyed reading your meme.