Sunday, May 27, 2007

Black And White #4

I've been amazed at John's black and white conversions at My Viewfinder.

Yesterday, Saturday, as Lovely Wife and I headed back across central Florida from Zephyrhills to Palm Bay, we stopped a couple of times in Kissimmee at Lake Tohopekaliga. I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce that (I'm usually pretty good at pronouncing hard words) but everyone calls it Lake Toho anyway, so I guess I will here too.

I on our second stop along Lake Toho, I pulled off of Neptune Road beside someone's property, hoping that the land I parked on with no home wasn't their property too. Anyhoo, I walked back to the edge of these folk's lakefront property to take some photos of these amazing yellow water lotus.

We were driving along and I looked to the right and saw these things from the lake's edge behind these people's house, out all the way as far as I could see. Intense green and yellow. So I turned around and found my dubious parking place, got out and walked to the water's edge and took a few shots, then got out of there. I was afraid someone would come out of the house and yell at me. I tried to put out a very strong stupid, pushy tourist vibe; acting like I had every right to be in their yard.

Anyway, these two shots screamed at me to try to convert them to decent B&W images. I worked with them a while and ended up liking these versions. Trying the Orton/gaussian blur thingy looked good too, but in the end I liked the crispness of these better.

Thanks for the inspiration John!

I'll try to get around to visiting everyone and commenting later this afternoon.

Also, I posted my usual Sunday Picture Post over at my other blog, Least Significant Bits, and there are a couple more pics of these lotus, but in color, if y'all care to see them.


Bob-kat said...

Those are gorgeous shots! The balck and white really does lend itself well to the images. Superb.

Going over to check the coour version as the spectacle your describe sounds awesome!

Ben said...

Very good conversion, John.

Ratzfatz said...

Yeh .... great shots, John. I love these twice to ... good work!
Have a nice week!!!

Anna said...

Just lovely black and whites....I am also inspired by John's images.

John Roberts said...

BOTH of these are very good! To me, B&W flowers are especially challenging to get looking right. You nailed both of these.