Friday, January 25, 2008

Yet Another Boring Sunset

I took these a couple of months ago, one evening after work. I had just enough time to find some water to watch yet another colorful sunset.

It's tough living in Florida sometimes.

What with folks up north having temps twenty degrees below freezing and all, and here yesterday is was mostly sunny and in the 70s. Although we did have a nice shower in the afternoon to water the mostly-still-green grass.

Come to think of it, almost every day here is a a reminder of why so many people are moving to Florida.

Global warming isn't raising the ocean, but we are in danger of Florida sinking into the ocean due to the weight of all the people here.


Kerri said...

Never Boring John! Lovely shots!

Moi said...

i moved outta you can't complain against moi!!! :DD

i don't think sunsets ever can be boring...least of all, Florida's :)