Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Orton on the Atlantic Ocean

It has been a while since I've really played with some photos, and by far my mostest favoritest visual effect is my digital approximation of the Orton process.

I'd probably do it on almost all of my photos, but then everyone would get sick of it. But this effect is tailor made for photos with beautiful light in them.

These two photos were taken about 30 minutes apart from nearly the same location. Maybe 10 meters from one another.

Lovely Wife helps keep me humble, because whenever I do this to a photo, she asks, "why did you make it blurry?"


I guess I should be happy to suffer for my art, though. Instead, I just wonder why she doesn't "get it."

For better or worse I guess, and if that's as worse as it gets, then I'm doing alright.


imac said...

You doing fine just fine John. love this sort of photo.

Have you ever hung by a thread?
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Moi said...

why did you make them blurry?? :DDD

ok jokes apart, i really like the gives the a touch of flimsy to the images.....:)

Daniel J Santos said...

Beautiful images, well done, that's great job.
With Images

isabella said...

Sounds like my marriage: he's the dreamer, I'm the realist...

However, I totally "get" what you're trying to convey ;-)