Monday, January 28, 2008

That's MISTER Spike

When our red poodle, Rosie had puppies, we kept two of them.

One girl and one boy.

This is a couple of pics of our boy poodle, Spike.

Number One Daughter wanted to name him, so she named him Spike, but almost always added a "Mister" in front of his name.

That stuck, so we all almost always call him Mister Spike.

He's the gentlest, sweetest poodle of all of them. But on the rare occasion he does get fired up and try to sound an alarm of sorts, he lets out long, mournful howls like a hillbilly's hound dog. It's the funniest thing you'll ever hear and see.

That massive howl, "Buuuuuuurrrrrrrr!, Burr!, Burr!, Burr!" cracks us up every time, though he's being totally serious when he does it.

That little white "soul patch" on his chin and his beautiful hair and his gentle ways are always big hits with the women of the world.

I always tell him that chicks dig a guy with great hair.

If he were human, he'd definitely be the kind of guy that always opens doors for women.

We have a house full of pets.

Four miniature poodles. One cat. One fish.

Us guys are way outnumbered. Me, Mr. Spike here, and the beta fish.


Babystepper said...

And that Beta will attack you, so maybe you better stick with Mister Spike.

Kerri said...

Mister Spike is absolutely adorable!! Love the white patch!!!

imac said...

What a cutie he is Mr Spike.

photowannabe said...

Cute little ball of fluff. Spike seems to sharp a name for such a gentle soul. Glad the Mr. was added.

Moi said...

Mister Spike and (Miss) Lily are the cutest siblings i have seen :)