Friday, January 18, 2008

Two Views of Buster the Crab

This photo was taken from a pier on the Indian River Lagoon in Sebastian, Florida. Lovely Wife looked over the edge and straight down into the water and saw and told me about the crab down there.

The bottom photo is straight off the camera and shows how much glare was on the water, obscuring the view of the crab.

The top photo is after making adjustments in Photoshop Elements.

It has more contrast than I normally like, but that's what it took to get Buster to show up as good as I could.

Check out the blue-green color on his legs.


imac said...

Nice one John.
I too like Elements.

Anna said...

Hey John! Long time no comment! I am finally back to my blogging (since New Years Day)...

You have been busy here and I have enjoyed catching up on your images!

Hope that you are well there,

CG said...

That's a great photo and he's a very beautiful colour.

Moi said...

phew!!!! that;s quite a difference Elements can make to a pic......i will love to lay my hands upon it!!!!