Saturday, January 5, 2008

Is It Cold Where You Are?

Here's some sunshine and color for y'all.

I took these on July 4, 2006.

Lovely Wife and I had gone to the beach to see Space Shuttle Discovery lift off on America's Independence Day.

It was the first Shuttle mission to go up since the Shuttle Columbia disintegrated when returning into earth's atmosphere in February of 2003.

There were lots of folks on the beach for the brutally hot sunshine and the Shuttle show. It's usually well into the upper nineties (F) by July 4, and with the humidity , over 100F with the heat index.

I posted photos of this Discovery liftoff on my Least Significant Bits blog here.


Daniel J Santos said...

freezing in Portugal...

imac said...

Been to check out and you must be thrilled to see such a site. loved the sea pics too.

CG said...

Now that's just cruel!!!

lv2scpbk said...

Love the umbrella photos. I collect postcards with umbrellas on them. Not sure why, but I just like them.