Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blue Heron and White Ibis

These fellers were a-fishin' just a few feet from one another.

You'd think that they'd have been all at each other fighting for their fishing "turf."

You'd be wrong.

If only mankind could get along as well as these two.

One can hope, can't one?


Moi said...

sure, John. reminds me of the United Colors of Benetton ads .....a simple and yet a profound post. and neat pics.

for all my stay in Florida, I could never (except once, i think) get around to capture blue heron on my camera, though i have a coupla shots of white Ibis.....missed opportunities!!!! sigh!!!!!

isabella said...

Well said! But then again, hunger is a common bond...

imac said...

Sure right there John.
2 nice clear shots there making a great post.

Have you captured the tree People like I have