Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Water Scenes

In yesterday's comments, Babystepper said that I must spend hours at the Indian River Lagoon.

I'm not sure about hours, but when I go to sit at a park, some of the closest and prettiest parks are on the lagoon.

I guess the short answer is, yes, I do, but maybe not as many hours as my photos might suggest.

In lots of ways, there are more interesting things to photograph on the lagoon that on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Indian River Lagoon is a very diverse place. It's a pretty massive body of water in it's own right, so it affects me in many of the same ways as the ocean itself.

These two photos were taken on a visit to Castaways Point Park in Palm Bay, Florida, within the city limits of the town where I live. Palm Bay is growing so fast that they're finally sinking some money into land for parks before it's all turned into houses, apartments, or condos.

I didn't think that I had posted these before. I did a lazy man's search but couldn't find them, and there were no jpegs of these on my computer, so I don't think I have. I take most of my shots in RAW format. I'm enough of a geek and dweeb to actually like the process of starting with a RAW format image when I can.

I have a picture of MY MAN CORNER where I have my computer and do my photo stuff on my other blog today. (Some lucky men get a whole Man Room, our house it too small for that so I have my own Man Corner.)


Daniel J Santos said...

great photos, it seems a great place.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi John
Those a brillian photo's as usual,NO you are NOT lazy at all, when this is the result... very well done,

Did you see/read that I nominated you with the "Excellen-Inpiring Photo AWARD" ?

Look at my sidebar, The award is there, you can copie/past it in your side bar. My congratulations !!!

JoAnn :) Photography

Babystepper said...

Hey, I would pay some serious money for a beautiful spot to spend hours, or minutes, as it were. The only "large" body of water around here is a lake, and when I say lake, you can't possibly be imagining what this thing really looks like. It's really more of a glorified pond on steroids. I may just have to blog about it. You inspired me.

We get to enjoy the great pictures anyway, so keep it up!

CG said...

I love those two chairs down by the water; they make me think there must be a story in there!!
Am off to visit your man corner :)

photowannabe said...

Nice shots and I like the way the palm tree seems to be shading the chairs in the first picture.

lv2scpbk said...

Love the scenery. Beautiful.