Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Melbourne Causeway

The closest access from our home to the Atlantic Ocean is to go over the Melbourne Causeway between Melbourne on the mainland, and Indialantic, Florida on the barrier island just off the coast. We call this barrier island "beachside."

The first photo shows the hump of the causeway and the second one was taken just as we had passed over the peak of the causeway heading beachside.

That's the Indian River Lagoon on either side of the causeway, and in the enlarged second photo, you can see a sliver of the Atlantic Ocean just past the barrier island and the city of Indialantic.

I have never tired of going over the local causeways and seeing the "River" and the ocean in the distance. It's always a beautiful thing to see, and this is how it looks from a car.


Latharia said...

Great shots! Thanks for visiting my blog -- they're actually hippopotamus whiskers! :D Your guess was AWESOME!

imac said...

Magic John. looks a nice place.

photowannabe said...

What a view. I would never get tired of it.
Have you had the rain from the hurricane?
Hope all is well.

CG said...

Brilliant shots. love the perspective on both of them.