Monday, August 13, 2007

Update On My Brother

This is what I posted on my other blog today:

I talked to my Younger Brother yesterday, Sunday, for a few minutes.

He's in good enough spirits, which was a relief, I thought the trauma of what happened would have had him way down, but he didn't sound bad on the phone.

His nose is broken in several places, and his left cheek is crushed and will require surgery. That is supposed to be done this coming Thursday. The area around his right eye is cut and abraded, but the eye itself seems to be OK.

The young lady who was unfortunate enough to have been there too, was rewarded for being in the wrong place at the wrong time by being hit in the head with a brick, after they had stomped my brother repeatedly in the head and body on the sidewalk. She had a bad concussion and a big gash where the brick made contact with her head.

Big Sis and Sainted Mother went over there, and Big Sis said the sidewalk looked like the photos from the Nicole Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder. Apparently it was as if someone had a gallon of blood and just sloshed it all over the ground.

When the police had gotten to the scene, Younger Brother had already headed for the hospital with friends, and I think the young lady who took the brick in the head was out cold and being loaded into an ambulance, so the cop thought it was some minor squabble and wrote the thing up as a misdemeanor.

Big Sis was a bit put out that anyone, let alone a cop, could look at all the blood, hear what happened, and decide the thing was a misdemeanor offense.

They had pics of the two vicitims in the hospital in all of their bloody and swolen glory, and they were shown later to the police and hopefully, if there's any justice in the world, felony charges will be brought against the two men.

Also, such a hue and cry went up to find out the identity of the two men that phones all over town were ringing among all friends and aquaintances of Younger Brother and Young Lady, that word reached the two men that they were being looked for and they turned themselves into the police.

Without knowing the details of what happened at the police station, I can only assume that for now the two men have been processed into the system for their crime, though that stands as a misdemeanor right now.

We'll just have to see what happens.

Thank you all for your kind comments and prayers, it's something I believe truly works. Please continue to pray.

Younger Brother and the Young Lady are both out of the hospital and Younger Brother has a near future filled with surgery and recovery.

I'm marginally cooler, so I try to not think about it until I hear more. Stewing on it all just puts me back into revenge mode, and that's worthless for anyone, and only hurts me. (I'm still trying to decide if I need to buy me a good ol' Louisville Slugger wooden bat or one of them newfangled aluminum bats.)


I've worked on repairing and archiving a few old family photos this weekend. I might have to start posting some of that work during this period. It's an easy way to get my mind off of things and it's a productive thing to do as well as I'm the only one in the family with the inclination to try to get old family shots into digital form for posterity.

I also started going to the gym today with Lovely Wife. I'm hoping that lifting weights will help alleviate the desire to do great bodily harm on a couple of men in Monroe, Louisiana.


Bob-kat said...

I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your younger brother and the young lady. How awful. I can totally understand your feelings of revenge but it really would not help the matter adn just harm you most probably. Here's hoping the police take appropriate action adn these men pay for what they did.

I am sending lots of positive thoughts to your family. I hope the surgery goes well and that he makes a speedy recovery.

JoAnn - NL Photography said...

I wrote my thoughts about what happened to your brother yesterday, but still I would say again: " Both, take your time to heal" don't rush!

I am curious for the photographs of your youth or younger years..
:) JoAnn

CG said...

You're all very much in my thoughts, my friend.

John Roberts said...

I've been out of touch for the past couple of days, and I have just caught up with what's been going on. I will pray for both you and your brother.

Chad Oneil said...

I'll pray for them too.

I would be extremely mad also! Wow!

Moi said...

it will all be fine soon, John. and your brother's truly a hero to be facing it with such courage and good humor. The blood part made me can one human being treat another like that!!!
u take care and i guess you are channelizing your energies the right most way .....

photowannabe said...

So sorry to hear about your brother and glad he is in good spirits.
I commented on your other blog. Doing things is good for you and take time to heal.

Ben said...

Well, Jam. I needed to catch up the story. I'm totally surprised and felt that universe is such a unfair place.
At lest, you younger brother getting out of hospital and that is a good sign. Take case and I hope he will recover well and speedy.