Monday, August 6, 2007


The trees in the first photo fascinated me to no end. They were in front of a beach home in the area that had road work being done in the neighborhood, so the gate to the community was open.

These gates normally keep riff-raff like, say, me, out of the area, but I drove in and took a few photos of how the "other half" lives. I.E. folks with enough money to live directly on the ocean.

These trees were really cool, all twisted like that, and their front yard was filled with them. At least these folks had enough class to leave all the cool trees standing when they had their nice beach home built.

The second photo, I just liked the way it looked. I was walking around a big pond behind one of our public libraries one day and looked to my left and saw the US flag in the distance, sticking up above the trees.


Moi said...

The trees in the first one are really twisted like they are up to some acrobatics display...i cant see the second pic, does not open !!!

photowannabe said...

That house would be great on halloween, all twisted and scary. Great shots.

Chad Oneil said...

Those trees facinate me too. I'm sure they could look quite creepy with an overcast sky.

John Roberts said...

I think the top one would make a great B&W!

Bob-kat said...

fascinating forma dn texture to the trees in the first pic adn I love the look of the sky in the second pic too :)