Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let’s Get This Party Started (again)

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments, thoughts, and prayers for my brother.

He’s doing somewhat better, and they moved his surgery back from this past Thursday to this coming Tuesday. They are just going to repair his nose. His cheek bone is not going to be fixed. Apparently, doing work to try to repair the cheek is done by entering the ear area pushing the bones outward from the inside. It’s an incredibly hard surgery and one of those times when the cure can be much worse than the disease.

I think he’s decided to forego the cheek surgery and just have his nose put back together. Again, that happens this coming Tuesday, August 21.

I would appreciate it if you guys kept on praying for him. And while you're at it, please pray for my younger daughter, who is 18. She's having a pretty involved surgery of a female nature this Wednesday, and I'd appreciate your prayers for her too.

This is a before and after photo of my Dad when he was in the US Navy in the mid-1950s. I spent a lot of time on this one. I blew it up huge and worked on it section by section to make it as good as I could.

I haven't been out photographing things in over a week, but have been doing some scanning some old family photos.

This is all flatbed scanner stuff which necessitates cleaning up dust specs and repairing discoloration and tears and whatnot.

It's a useful thing to do in my present frame of mind, and does two things at once.

It requires concentration that takes my mind off of things like worrying about my brother and daughter.

It's also fun to do when I'm not in a very creative mode. Instead of feeling guilty for not getting out and taking lots of new photos, I get to do something useful to help reduce the mountain of scanning and repair work I have tasked myself with doing.

So get ready for more of this, until I can get back into the groove of taking photos. I'll try to comb my archives for stuff y'all haven't seen as well.

I'll be getting around to visiting and commenting again as soon as I can.


CG said...

John, glad to see you back and working on your photos of your handsome dad. Of course I'll pray for your brother and daughter!

lv2scpbk said...

I will be praying for your brother. Glad to see his update is a little better but he still has a hard road to go down. It sounds like your there for him and that's good.

Mike said...

John, good to see you again. I like what you are doing with these old pictures.

I will be praying for you and your brother and sister. Take care and keep on working on these pictures. It will do you good!

John Roberts said...

You did a really good job on this!

JoAnn - NL , Travelstories & Photography said...

The very very best wishes for your brother tomorrow, and what a nice captured photo's of your dad.

:) Take care wishes from JoAnn

Bob-kat said...

I'm continuing to send positive thoughts for your brother and your daughter. I hope both prcedures go exceedingly well.

The photo of your dad is wonderful!

photowannabe said...

John, I am so glad things aren't quite as stressful as before. Of couse I will keep your brother and dear daughter in my prayers. Working on the pictures is good therapy. Hang in there, we're with you all the way.