Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey Buddy! Can You Spare Some Change?

See, I'm saving up for this thing I saw for sale, and it's only $375,000...

You may or may not have heard the name, Mel Fisher, the treasure hunter, but they have a museum about a twenty minute drive from our home, dedicated to him and all the sunken treasure he helped find and bring up.

The main Mel Fisher Treasure Museum is in Key West, Florida, but there's also one on the central east coast of Florida in a town called Sebastian.

Before Mel Fisher became world famous for finding the old Spanish galleon, the Atocha near the Florida keys, he worked for years salvaging the numerous treasure-laden ships of the "Plate Fleet" that went down in a hurricane in a spread from central Florida down to around Palm Beach in 1715.

In fact, from where we live and southward, is called "The Treasure Coast" because of this.

If you want to know a little more about the Plate Fleet and the wrecks in this part of Florida, I wrote about it on my other blog a couple of years ago.)

We took my sister and nephew to the Sebastian Mel Fisher museum this past June, and I took these two photos.

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Blue Wave 707 said...

I've seen documentaries on these treasure hunters & divers ... amazing how much they find ...