Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tears For Fears - Roland Orzabal

I seriously do very little in the way of getting out and doing anything fun because of my back.

A few weeks ago, one of my two all-time favorite musical groups, Tears For Fears, performed at a free concert in downtown Orlando, Florida. My two daughters and I went to see the concert.

You just have NO IDEA how much their music has meant to me over the years (since 1983!).

I took my D90 with the 18-200mm lens and set the camera to ISO 3200 when the sun went down, Shutter priority, and 1/200sec to stop most of their movements while performing.

So this shot or Roland Orzabal was taken at ISO3200! Do you see any distracting digital noise from using such a high ISO setting? No. You do not.

I paid a heavy price in back pain over the next couple of days for simply going and sitting at this concert, but the awesome performance of Tears For Fears and my knowing that I'd never forgive myself for bypassing such a perfect opportunity to see them live, got me there and I'm SO glad we went.


imac said...

Hi John, long time no see, I see you still struggling with your back my friend.
I remember that group, real glad you made it and I wish I had been thewre too.

Thanks for your visit my friend and the lens is real great, its a true all rounder.

Going to add you to my friends list, then I will know when you post again.

we are away for 2 weeks from this weekend, so no posts, but will catch up with you when back.
Keep in touch when you fel you can.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photo, very sharp! And I'm very jealous that you got to see Tears for Fears live, hehe. :)

Kate said...

Thanks for your many visits to my blog posts today...I really appreciate it, primarily because it's been ages since we've visited back and forth. What's with your back?! Sounds serious and hope that something miraculous happens so that you can move around without pain. Guess the concert was worth it for you!

Ben said...

Glad to see your post again, Jon.
Take it easy but I would say what a opportunity and you took a fantastic Image here.

Keep this in your own pace.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Nice shot! Good capture of movement.

Annalee Peters said...

Hey, nice to meet you John! As a Tears For Fears fan myself, I DO have an idea of how much this band means to you. You have NO IDEA how lucky you were to be able to get up close and personal with these two, and allowed to take photos with an slr camera! Good job lucky you! I drove 10 hours and payed $120 to see them at Red Rocks, and got fuzzy photos from a mile away, drunk person's beers spilled on my things and an expensive water bottle stolen from under my seat. As a fellow photographer I plan on revisiting your site. Have a good one!