Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Newest Memebers of the Family

I just had my 5th surgery to relieve back pain about three weeks ago.

It has been many months since I went exploring and photographing, but really, really want to get going again here.

If you're interested on what my latest procedure was, look at my other blog HERE.

I've really been making changes to try to keep some good things in my life despite my bad back.

I sold my heavy guitars, Gibson Les Paul Studio and Agile AL-3100 Les Paul copy, and my SX Jazz bass.

I bought an Agile AL-3125, which is still a Les Paul copy, but parts of the body are hollowed out to make it a pretty light guitar, but still has most of that Les Paul tone. In replacing my Jazz style bass, I bought a used Gretsch Electromatic (G2202) short scale bass, which is a bit lighter than the jazz bass, but the shorter neck makes it regular guitar sized and doesn't hurt my back to play like that long necked jazz bass did.

Anywhay, I'm loving both of these guitars very much. It's about the only hobby I've been able to continue while I try to get my back pain situation straightened out.

Take care all and God Bless...


Blue Wave 707 said...

That's a sweet-looking Les Paul! :-)

Ben said...

Welcome back, John.