Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tears For Fears #3

Roland Orzabal in the spotlight with the candy apple red Gibson ES-137 Custom guitar, and Curt Smith to the right in red lighting with his awesome Hofner Club 500/2 Bass. I didn't get the drummer's name when they introduced everyone.

Free concert in Orlando's City Hall Plaza Park on Saturday August 28, 2010


Silver Toes!! said...

Drummer is Jamie Wollam. Nice pictures btw.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Nice shot!

Interesting to see that they're using vintage instruments considering they're an 80s band.

JAM said...

Silver Toes, thank you! Any knowledge of who the backup singer (male), the keyboard player (was an Orlando native), and the lead guitarist was as well? Hey, I might as well ask for the moon since you pulled that name out of the hat for me.

Blue Wave, thanks for commenting. Tears are still around, though their last CD, Everyone Loves A Happy Ending (usually listed as ELAHE for obvious reasons) was released in 2005, Curt Smith has a couple of recent CDs out, and they played a song from that. They also played a song or two from the 1990s Tears CDs when Curt Smith was no longer in the group.

Curt and Roland got back together around 2000 for some royalty/contract/paperwork reasons and became friends again and started writing songs together. Due to Curt Smith having long lived in the US, and Roland living in England with his family, it took a few years for their renewed partnership to produce ELAHE.

The instruments in the photo that I identified are from major old companies, Gibson and Hofner, but the instruments themselves are both currently in production.

A brand new copy of Roland's Gibson would put me back about $2700, and Curt's German-made Hofner bass would set me back $2200. That $5000 total is why I do not own either of these instruments.

Silver Toes!! said...

The backup singer is Michael Wainwright. He's a Canadian singer. He's pretty good too. He sang backup for them last summer, and the AsiaPac tour as well. Facebook him.

Silver Toes!! said...

Doug Petty is the keyboardist.

Charelton Pettus is the lead guitarist. Who also has done work with other artists.