Monday, September 20, 2010

Tears For Fears - Curt Smith

The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

Curt Smith is essentially the other "half" of the group Tears For Fears. Roland Orzabal, yesterday's photo subject is one half as well.

Each of these men have produced great music on their own, and indeed, still do, but together as Tears For Fears, their music seems to me to rise way above normal songs and becomes the music that forms the backdrop for much of my life.

On TFF's first album/CD, 1983's "The Hurting" they had a song called "Mad World." Though I love the original, it is definitely an 80s song, full of synthesizers and such.

Several years ago, another singer, Gary Jules, did a cover of the song Mad World in a very moody, orchestral production.

The Tears concert we went to in Orlando, when the lights went down and the band was about to come on, they started playing an orchestral version of Mad World and Curt Smith came on and began to sing the song he had written, but like the Gary Jules version instead of the original synthesizer version.

As he sang Mad World in a spotlight, the rest of the group came on stage and took their instruments and joined in.

This photo is of Curt Smith singing Mad World to open the concert.

Still no digital noise in the dark sections of the photo despite being shot at ISO 3200!

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Blue Wave 707 said...

Nice shot!

I didn't know they were still around ... did they do any new material?