Friday, July 3, 2009

What IS That Sound?

It sounds like, like, like, a choir of ANGELS!

But no, it's just the doorbell ringing.

Who could it be?

Why it's the United Parcel Service man bringing me a box!

Whatever could it be?

Oh my, it looks exactly like a brand-spankin'-new Nikon D90 camera body!

I guess that sound REALLY WAS a choir of Angels singing.

Angels always sing when John gets a new camera.

Angels are cool like that.



Carina said...

I'm waiting for our postman to bring my Kindle. My husband keeps getting packages with tool stuff in them, so everytime my daughter says, "Mom, there's a package here!" I get all excited. But to no avail. All day yesterday I had song by the Marvelettes in my head. You know..."Mr. Postman, look and see. Is there a package in your truck for me...or something like that. =)

CG said...

OOOH lovely; tell me how you like it! (Ihave the D80!)

JAM said...

Carina, Lovely Wife wants her a Kindle something fierce. She wants the big one. Let me know how that thing works out for you, if you like it or not and why. I'd love to get her one but we don't know if they're worth the bucks.

CG, I wanted a D80 when they came out, for the bigger, brighter viewfinder, and the D90's is almost identical to the D80's, but I REALLY wanted to wait until they put a CMOS sensor like in the D300 in a lower priced camera. I've been chomping at the bit since they came out last year, and finally got it. I love the D70s, but wanted that better high ISO performance of the CMOS sensor vs the CCD in my D70s. It was worth the wait.

Otherwise, the cameras are remarkably the same in size and feel. The D90 is much deeper in options though. I think I'm gonna like the RGB histograms, the MUCH better viewfinder view, and the smoother grain at high ISO the best.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Woo hoo! A new toy! Enjoy! :-)