Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bridge Art

Near a local park in Melbourne, Florida is a bridge that carries highway US1 over Crane Creek.

The park, Manatee Park, meanders along the north bank of Crane Creek. It's a great place to see, you guessed it, manatees, in the winter when the animals move inland.

If you follow the sidewalk underneath the bridge to get to a very photogenic marina, you are treated to the pillars holding up this bridge, in their painted glory.

A city beautification project.

As I walked under this bridge this past Sunday, this particular fish was catching some awesome sunlight from the late evening sun on one of the bridge's pillars.

The fish seemed to glow from within as if it were a neon light.

I'm glad to say that this "neon feel" carried through in the translation from the actual world to the digital world.


Blue Wave 707 said...

Wow! Cool! :-)

photowannabe said...

Hi John, its been a long time. I love this bridge art and thanks for your comment.
The man faced the other way in my Y shot is my son. He gave one of his Nikons for her to use and she has done a very professional job with it. Shes 9 1/2 years old and I think she has a grand future. The picture was taken at Mono Lake in California. The stalagmight type formations are called Tufas.

Kerri said...

Gorgeous colors!!