Monday, July 6, 2009


US1 is a highway that goes from Miami to somewhere up in Maine, all along the mainland of the eastern US.

But chains of barrier islands are also along much of the eastern seaboard, just off the mainland.

The highway that picks up travels along the length of many of these barrier islands going up to Maine, is designated A1A.

The parking lot to the Atlantic beach that I went to on Sunday afternoon in Melbourne Beach, Florida is along a piece of highway A1A.

I liked the quality of the evening sun on this A1A sign pointing south, with the colorful buildings in the distance.


CG said...

Stunning colours; this really glows, I love the quality of light here.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Cool shot!

I've heard those barrier islands are a source of some pretty cool shots.

Ben said...

Love this kind of shot. A street signs are so interesting.