Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stephanie and Jim

I had the honor of photographing a couple's wedding Saturday evening.

Photographing weddings is pretty awesome. I don't get very nervous, but in the end, I just realize that both they and I have one opportunity at getting good shots.

This one was caught on-the-fly, and he's a tiny bit blurry as he moves in for a kiss, but the look on her face made this informal shot one of my favorites. One of those shots that you get sometimes, not a technically perfect photograph, but the emotion of the subjects IS perfect.

I had a backup camera, which was nice, didn't have to use it, but it was nice knowing that if my new D90 went bonkers on me, I could just grab the other body and continue.

I've had enough work with the D90 in the past two weeks to have it's features be second nature to me. Though that wasn't really a big deal, the controls are so close to my D70s that using it is essentially the same.

The couple getting married and their families are a laid-back bunch of folks, so there was little pressure and the first look at the photos when I got home left me feeling they'll have a hard time deciding which ones to print. To print them all would cost a fortune.

It's a good problem to have, too many good ones to choose from.

Hope all the weddings I shoot are like that, laid-back and a multitude of good images to choose from.


Blue Wave 707 said...

Great candid shot! You got the bride's expression right on! Knowing the wedding couple makes shooting weddings a lot easier.

CG said...

That's a brilliant capture!

Kate said...

You're right about her facial expresssion!

Kerri said...

I LOVE this! A wonderful moment "caught"!