Monday, June 30, 2008

You Might Not Believe This

...but seeing this kind of thing almost every day over 11 years, you almost stop seeing it for what it is. Pure beauty.

When you move here from a place like northeast Louisiana, where the people are as good as any place you could hope to meet, but the scenery is, well, largely forgettable, you would initially tell yourself that you'll never get used to the incredible sunsets, walking out in the early morning barefooted and in shorts to get the January, but the daily grind of the job and things you have to do just eventually wears away the "new" of even a place like this.

That's one reason I love to have a camera in my hand. It forces me to notice every little detail, because hey, they might make a good shot, but overall, it keeps you mentally on your toes that you live in such an amazing place. That if you feel like taking the long way home you can enjoy the purple late evening clouds and sky and the huge expanses of water, that always seem so pretty.

So on a day when you are out for a little bit, despite the chronic back, and stressful work load, your camera helps you catch a nice, pretty view of the evening sky framed between some tropical looking palm trees.

It's not a special shot, in fact it's almost boring in it's common-ness.

But the heart of the matter is really that I SAW, FELT, SMELLED, and actually experienced the view.

Nothing common about that at all.


Kerri said...

Oh John, this is Stunning!

Kerri said...
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CG said...

That's an interesting thought, and one a group of us were discussing only the other day (does one get acustomed to beauty?) I'm glad you are making sure you appreciate the glories you see daily!

photowannabe said...

I find this shot really stunning. The pictures' great but the stunning part is that you felt and saw it in all its glory. Your positive slant to this blog is encouraging. Perhaps you are feeling a bit better?
Hope so...
Have a great 4th of July, John.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Looks like a cool postcard image!

Chad Oneil Myers said...