Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A nifty look at a nice little motel on the beach in Indialantic, Florida.

I like that there are still smaller ones like this, along with the massive chain hotels farther up the beach.

On the ipod:

Can't Breathe, by Disciple. From their "By God" Cd.
I give you my life
Set in the potter's hands
Make it what you want
Cause I can't move and I can't breathe
I can't love and I can't speak
I can't trust and I can't run
I can't wake and I can't sleep
I can't live my life without you


photowannabe said...

That motel looks like my kind of place. What a view.
Love the words to that song. I am nothing but a blob of clay without Him.

imac said...

Small is beautiful, just as we go to Austria we have booked in a small Hotel - family run place.

lv2scpbk said...

I really like this photo and how you took it.

Come see the great catch of the day, for me and someone else.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Wow ... for a motel, it looks like it's got a great view of the ocean.