Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day 2008

Despite what we have shoved down our throats relentlessly by the modern 24 hour news, America is still a great place where hard work can make dreams come true.

We are NOT in a recession, even though some make that claim. (Recession is actually a technical term where the economy shrinks for two straight quarters, and our economy hasn't shrunk even for one quarter in YEARS; it has only slowed in the amount of growth. But growth is growth.) We are NOT destitute because of high gasoline prices; any fool can cut back on luxuries when times get lean and put gas in their cars.

America's existence does NOT hang in the balance based on who will be elected as the next President this November. We'll continue on regardless of who our next President will be.

I once made my living by lifting heavy things, and had a dream of going back to college to learn a skill that would help make a better life for myself and my family.

With a wife and two kids and five years of hard work, I earned an electrical engineering degree and HAVE made a better life for my family and myself.

And I am a thoroughly average man who was not born into wealth.

So if I can do it, anyone can.

Americans, get off your butt and work; NO President is going to make a difference in your life.

Only you can do that. Only you.

Happy Independence Day folks.

On the ipod: This Ain't No Ordinary Love Song by Payable On Death (P.O.D.), from their new When Angels And Serpents Dance cd


CG said...

How good to hear someone being positive. In the UK you hear nothing but gloom. Yes, things are getting tougher and our gas costs twice what it does in the US but there is still lots to be grateful for...

imac said...

The UK and all countries are beautiful, they hold milk and honey for those that need it.
The Earth will take care of itself.
Its some people that disrupt the good life the Earth offers us all.

Blue Wave 707 said...

God bless America!

& Americans should be blessing God!

Chad Oneil Myers said...

I like the leaning trees.