Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Moon Last Night

The eclipse and the red moon of last night.

Last year I bought myself the first good tripod that I have ever owned. I have always used cheap-o tripods because I didn't use them much.

I bought a Slik 700DX, which is a big, heavy tripod, but I wanted one that would extend taller than me so I could take shots pointing up into the sky without having to bend, squat, or lean in under the camera to look through the viewfinder.

This really paid off last night I'm 6'2" (188cm), and was able to set my camera, pointing up at the moon, in a position that I could just simply step up to and look up through the viewfinder. No bending my rickety back (or the metal rods attached to it) to see through the camera.


Plus, the thing is so sturdy, if someone tried to rob me, I could use the tripod as a lethal weapon.


Anna said...

I totally did this too. Great shot. I just got my Manfrotto tripod and love it. I am posting a few tonight of my shots.

Hope you are well there John!

CG said...

Just STUNNING!!! was too cloudy to see the moon here last night. I love my tripod too!

John Roberts said...

I bought a big, heavy Bogen (now Manfrotto) tripod back in 1984. Unfortunately, I neglected to order the optional pack mule to carry it, so it stays in my basement studio these days. I have a much lighter Slik travel tripod that I use when I'm on the go.

I really like the red moon photo. I saw part of the eclipse, but didn't stay up late enough to see the whole show. Your photo makes me wish that I did.

Ben said...

Great shot! I remember all the excitement of taking such a shot last year.

Daniel J Santos said...

Amazing, excellent photos, well done.

Kerri said...

John, these are FABULOUS! We had heavy clouds that night so I couldn't see it.

Bob-kat said...

Yeah, a good sturdy tripod is on my wish list. The lightweight one I have now is okay indoors unless you sneeze too close to it, LOL!

Great moon shots!

Moi said...

for some reason, i knew you'd have shots of Lunar eclispe!!!! neat shots!!!!

Big Doofus said...

Is it ok that I made one of those shots my desktop background? I just love looking at it.