Sunday, February 10, 2008

Black and White #22

I actually got out and wandered around with my camera for a while on Saturday.

It's been a while since I've done that because of my back.

I was still hurting, but the pain management specialist changed some of my medicines and increased one that I was already taking, and I felt almost human by Saturday.

For me, feeling human meant that I actually had the desire to get out and take some photos. Something I haven't done much, but sure wanted to do.

I just took my time, walking around slowly. So slow that I actually looked up as well as down.

I'm a natural born looker-downer. Add to that a weak and gimpy left leg due to nerve damage from a couple of burst spinal disks, and I am pretty much compelled to watch myself walk or I'll stumble and trip.

Anyway, that top shot was from looking up at part of the train trestle from below. I like the way it makes the wood and the aluminum rail look as if they're in some strange place or at a weird angle.


Bob-kat said...

Glad to hear that your back is feeling better.

I just love the top photo. It's like a piece of art. There is something so striking about it. The second photo is great too and the B&W lends itself very well to the subjects.

Kate said...

John, I am SO happy that you stopped by since it's been so long since we visited one another. I'm sorry to hear that your back has been bothering you but glad that you feel up to walking around. I've been in Mazatlan, Mexico since January and have a Maz blog. Come visit to see what I've been doing!!

Babystepper said...

Glad you were up and around. You have some great pictures to show for it at both blogs.

Moi said...

my fav. will be the first one........i hope your back continues to cooperate.....take care.

Daniel J Santos said...

Another great work in photos, excellent.
With Images

CG said...

I'm glad you're feeling more like yourself and are getting out with the cam again. These are both very interesting images.

Carmi said...

The mood of this series is bang on. Trestles move me, as does pretty much anything that's been carrying the load for longer than I've been alive.

Love how you write about your process, John. Your work sticks in my mind long after I've clicked off of your page.