Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Hope This Is Ok

A few months ago, Lovely Wife "volunteered" me to try to repair a photo for a total stranger.

There's an exchange list for people in this area. For example, if I had a working TV that I no longer wanted or needed, you can find people on this list that need one, get together with them and give them the TV.

Similarly, if you have need of a service and little or no money, or if you have money but don't have a clue who to ask about your need, you can post that on the list too.

Lovely Wife saw that someone had posted an inquiry about having an old family photo digitally repaired.

That is the one that Lovely Wife volunteered me for.

When I got the file in my email, I was bummed out. I had never tried to do this kind of repair where someone's face was involved.

I prayed about how to do it, and then started getting ideas on trying things in Photoshop Elements that I had never even thought of before.

I worked on this for about two hours, and even managed to amaze myself.

Thanks, God.

All I know about this photo, is that it was a photo of a local woman's mother. A friend of this local woman had posted the request for someone to repair the photo as a surprise for her. I never met anyone involved and have no idea who the young lady in the photo is.

It was as much a blessing for me to do this as for her to have her mother's photo repaired, I learned some neat tricks, nothing earth shaking, but the pressure and the prayer resulted in a cool transformation.


Kerri said...

Wow...The Lord does work in mysterious ways!!

You did a FANTASTIC Job!! I am proud of you!! And what a nice service you provided for that someone you don't even know.

Now that's what Christmas is all about!!!

Babystepper said...

Amazing job. I'm very impressed.

imac said...

Thats one fine piece of work John.WOW ee. well done.

More exciting posts now up.

photowannabe said...

PTL!!! You did a terrific job of repairing the photo. It will be such a wonderful surprise gift for the fortunate person.
I love how you started the process...with prayer...a great reminder....thanks.

Ben said...

I believe you've done excellent job here. If I were you I may be asking some another photo for reference in may be same year or even recent one. But hey this is amazing result. You are really into this.

Ps, is that common that wife volunteered some work/service without telling the parter? Occasionally, Meg does that too. I just wonder...

James said...

That's some very impressive processing, not only fixing the obvious defects, but improving the tonal range overall. Well done.

John Roberts said...

Outstanding job, John! Damage to the photo in areas like a face is especially tricky. This looks fantastic. I'm sure she'd thrilled!